Use the $199-$499 Realtor Flat Fee MLS listing service to Minimize your home selling cost, list your home in the MLS and Pay No Listing Commission.
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Since 1999 this Nationwide Network of Flat Fee MLS Brokers
List Homes in the Realtors MLS for $199-$499 and
there is No Hidden Listing Commission !
List your home in the Realtor's MLS for a REAL Flat Listing Fee of just $199 to $499 instead of paying a listing commission.  Get the Local and National Exposure provided by the Realtors MLS for about HALF PRICE.  Prices vary by geographical area.  We offer the BEST DEAL available in each area, NOT the same price Nationwide.  Select your State to the left for details.
This is the same Realtor's MLS other Brokers charge a 3% Listing commission plus a 3% Buyers Agent commission to list your home in.  Why pay a 3% Listing Commission when Listing Agents generally sell their own listings only about 5% of the time?
Offer Buyers Agents a contingent commission paid at closing ONLY if they find the buyer.
There is No Hidden Listing Commission!  Your Listing Broker does NOT keep any of the contingent commission you offer the Buyers Agents.
Keep the Option to sell your home yourself and avoid paying that Buyers Agent commission.  This is the BEST part of this new marketing method, that is why our FSBO ad which gives you the Most Exposure on the Internet is the best part of our Hybrid FSBO | Flat Fee MLS package.  About 1 in 4 of our customers find a buyer FSBO Before the Realtors find a buyer for them, so they AVOID paying the Buyers agent commission also.  Taking REAL advantage of the FSBO Option not only increases your opportunity to AVOID the Buyers agent commission but it also Increases the probability of getting the BEST PRICE possible for your property.
Your Order Confirmation includes the contact information for the Licensed Real Estate Broker serving your area which will be providing your listing service and a link to complete their MLS Listing Forms Immediately.
The Broker providing your service will complete submission of your MLS listing in just one to two business days. 
Order online in Minutes.  There is No Waiting for a SALESMAN to call to tell you what the Real Deal is or to try and sell you something else.

Sellers should be aware that some other companies offer what SEEMS to be a Flat Fee Listing service but in fact they contract to keep some of the contingent sales commission for themselves.

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